Old Town

Today was gorgeous! I took advantage of the terrific weather and headed down to Old Town, Alexandria. I fell head of heels for Old Town the very first time I laid eyes on its streets lined with tiny antique shops and cuisines from near and far.  I love the cobble stone roads, the gas lanterns, the tour guides that dress in colonial garb and lead gaggles of tourists around block after block of historic landmarks. 

I usually take a turn down King St. just because, but my favorite sights are just a block or two off the beaten path on Prince, and Duke. I love the ancient trees with their roots that refuse to stay contained underground making walking a more mindful activity. It's imperative to remain in the present moment, carefully traversing the old brick sidewalk that waves and cracks every other step. And how special is that!? Too often my cell phone commands my attention, so today I was thankful for the willful sidewalk. 

On such a lovely July day, I was happy to be strolling around taking in my favorite scenes. I couldn't help but to stop and snap a few photographs so I can forever remember the joyful nuances that make such a beautiful place.