Photography enables me to decipher why an experience is so captivating. I have to pin down the details that culminate to create an ambiance, then photograph that particular subject in a way that evokes an emotion, a question, a purpose, ect. Today I went hiking, one of my favorite pastimes, with that goal in mind. I stopped frequently to notice the little things that make hiking so pleasant. Like the way the light streamed down through the tall trees to touch a tiny fern on the forest floor. Or how I was drawn from the path to get closer to a tree hollow to consider what kind of animal it may be housing. Capturing these little details was a great exercise in self discovery.


I took a moment to muse about how a vine with such a delicate cluster of leaves at the very end managed to survive a high traffic hiking trail.  Also, how bark was different from one tree to another. Why did I like a particular section of the hike more-so than another? I decided that I like the way the path turned and ambled about. It was enjoyable to be focused on those nuances, rather than focusing on the pace I was hiking at, how much distance I'd covered and how those numeric values would factor into my overall fitness quotient for this week. 


Here are some photos from the hike. I'd love to hear which one you like the most and why :) Does it make you wonder about something? Remind you of something? Does it make you want to venture out for a hike yourself?