We had a baby!

Krysten Svingala Photography has welcomed a new addition to the family! June 16th John Forrest was born. I realized recently that I never formally announced that I was pregnant on here- I just sort of stopped booking clients because I had morning sickness (which is a misnomer; it should definitely be called 'All Day Sickness')  that lasted until I was 6.5 months into the pregnancy. I kept thinking it would let up, but it never did. So I ended up having an extended maternity leave from photography. 

I wanted to take some time and catch up with you all to let you know I had a baby and now back from maternity leave booking for the fall! Here are some photos from my journey into motherhood. 

It felt like I was pregnant forever- especially considering he was a week and half overdue when he finally made his exciting arrival! And though the 1st two trimesters of the pregnancy were difficult to say the least, the 3rd trimester was blissful! 

Here are some photos of newborn baby John at just a few days old. 

This is at 6 weeks! It is the fastest slowest time- a total redefinition of what time is. 

The next series he is 8 weeks! 

DSC_0003 (3).jpg